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Editing Software
May 8, 2017

What kind of editing software do we use? Well we use the Adobe Creative Suite here in this office. We also use PCs to get our work done. We can’t tell you what to use however. That’s up to you and your preferences. Do we think one’s better than the other? Sure, but that’s still an opinion. There’s so many out there.

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What to Do with Your Film
May 7, 2017

Wondering what to do with your film when you’re completely done with it? I’m talking filmed and edited Well there are a lot of different options. You can go so many ways now.

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Open House
May 6, 2017

So we decided to open up our office to anyone that wants to see what we do. Have a class that wants to come through and see what software we use and maybe tell them what we’re doing? Maybe we could explain to them what a degree in video production may lead to. This may also help you if you create films or take pictures but aren’t sure if we’re the company for you.

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