A lot of the information on this website is from other sites. A lot of it is taken word for word. Since I don't want people thinking all of this information is mine, I have put where I got the information below. The purpose of this site is so that all the important Christmas information is in one site. However, not everything is on my site. Feel free to check out the websites below for more Christmas information. After all, you can never have too much Christmas. Soak in all the information and be the most knowledgeable Christmas freak in your city.


The Origin of Christmas

The information about why we celebrate it on December 25th came from: The History and Legend of Santa Claus.

Symbols of Christmas

All of the information about the symbols of Christmas came from: Christmas Symbols and Their Meaning. All the pictures where found on the free to use picture site Morgue File.

Holly (file000533907602)

Gifts (141428729712xzs)

Fruit (1388990345lfx18)

Mistletoe (file000740727993)

Evergreens (file000242015651)

Christmas Trees (file0001660926877)

Tensil (file000314383916)

Candles and Christmas Lights (file4541233894786)

Candy Canes (file0001199372351)

Gingerbread Man (1385640213z3546)

Santa Claus (file0001412286914)

Sugar and Christmas Candy (file0002024265527)

Santa Myths and Legends

All of the information except for information on Kris Kringle an Pere Noel came from: Santa's Origins. Information for Kris Kringle came from: Who is Kris Kringle. Information for Pere Noel came from: Christmas in France - Pere Noel.

Traditions of Christmas

All of the information came from: Christmas Traditions Worldwide.

Merry Christmas in Different Languages

The real-life language information came from: FREELANG - MERRY CHRISTMAS in all languages.

The science-fiction and fantasy language information came from: Christmas In Different Languages

Jack Frost

The information about the origin of Jack Frost came from: Jack Frost - Christmas Character.

The Christmas Season

Information about Saint Nicholas Day, Las Posadas, Yule, Twelve Days of Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, and Boxing Day from: December Holidays

 Information about the The Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe from: Celebrating for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Informationa bout Yule from:

Information about Soyaluna, Dong Zhi, and Three Kings Day from: A Multicultural Winter Holiday.

Information about Omisoki from: Omisoki: Japanese New Year.

Information about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day comes from my own knowledge since I am American and Christian.

The Background

The pictures that are on the background, hidden behind the colorful sections are also from Morgue File.